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10 Tips to choose BCA Colleges in Delhi and NCR

There are hundreds of BCA institutions in Delhi/NCR, the task to pick one institute can be quite daunting. To narrow down the search consider the following points:

  • Faculty and teachers are the important factors to be considered. Visit the institute website and check for their educational qualifications, teaching and research experience and so on.
  • The institute must have well stocked library, well equipped, high configuration & well maintained computer laboratory.
  • Do consider the teaching pedagogy, online projects . Importance to be given to the latest technological teaching subjects such as java, .net, networking, web technology etc
  • The audio visual class room, size of the class rooms, proper canteen, recreational facilities are equally important to be considered, as it helps in the overall development of the student.
  • Give importance to the campus placement record.
  • The result of the institute is also one of the deciding factor.
  • Consider the institute ranking compared to other institutes.
  • Check the institute promoters profile, if they are from academic background, then it is like a feature on the cap.
  • The monetary factor is to be considered as well
  • Location of the institute plays a very important role.

Prof Manjula Shanbhog
Hierank Business School, NOIDA

Why BCA Colleges are in Demand in Teenagers?

The BCA is catering to the needs of the students aspiring to excel in the fields of computers. It is a Government Recognized Bachelor Degree under UGC run by University. It equips graduates with all of the skill, knowledge and attitudes necessary to work as effective and responsible Software Professionals in the fast changing modern organizational environment. The graduates of the program have a solid foundation in industrial computing or important aspects of computer science and analyze and optimize the use of latest technologies to work in fields of Computer Applications in various sectors together with internet technologies, E-business environment etc. They are well-equipped to work as professionals in the fields of software development, design and implementation.The BCA course is quite popular amongst youngsters who consider it one of the best courses for a bright future because

  • The duration of the course in institutions across the country is only three years
  • The syllabus is more or less the same as with B tech CS or IT course
  • Expense for studies is less compared to B.Tech.
  • The course provides a sound academic base from which an advanced career in Computer Application can be developed.
  • Bachelor in Computer Application Students have a bright future in the IT field as they can take up ample jobs as Programmers and grow to become project managers.
  • BCA. also paves way for a post graduation in the relevant field which is always preferred.

Prof Manjula Shanbhog
Hierank Business School, NOIDA