OHH! It’s been years & I was solving this career jigsaw puzzle wrong

By just swapping 2 steps – I can opt & excel in any profession

WRONG STEP: Giving our heart out in a career & then analyzing the career path

RIGHT STEP: Analyze & find the career path & then give your heart out

Career path – be it conventional or unexplored need a holistic approach & MBA degree gives that prerequisite quality to handle the complexities of any profession.

In simpler terms “MBA degree should not be seen as an end to a passion but as a tool to pursue any passion.”

Some unexplored career paths post MBA:

1) Blogger Have a knack of sharing be it knowledge/ information on travel, food, fashion, social issues etc. (category limited to your imagination) with a flair for writing.

Can take inspiration from these self-taught bloggers

Amit Bhawani even declared his 2018-19 income on youtube (more than 3 Cr)

2) Video Blogger “who are you? I am a youtuber”, love to give this answer (you have chosen an unconventional career path).

3) Photographer Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”— Destin Sparks. There is nothing more powerful than a story, love to capture timeless stories through pictures, be it wedding, fashion, wildlife.

How much a photographer makes depends 80-90% on their skills in business (20% photographs and 80% business)

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Pricing
  • SEO
  • Sales

Other unexplored career paths –

4) Agriculturist. 5) Motivational Speaker. 6) Wedding planner. 7) Freelancer.

The list just goes on.

NOTE: Choose any career path but the success story shares some common attributes i.e. goal setting, strategy, marketing, motivation, leadership, presentation, confidence. And MBA degree brings all these attributes along, the only missing piece of puzzle is realizing your passion.

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