Hierank International Conference

Hierank Business School is Organizing an International Conference in association with Global Research Foundation on The Impact of Globalization on Economic Development, Emerging Technology & Management Science “IC-IGEDETMS 2019” – Chief Guest Mr. Vivek Khaneja (Executive Director CDAC) on 30th of November 2019, with a view to promote research activities. This conference aims to develop innovative solutions to the community’s most daunting challenges.

We at HBS encourage our students to put their energies in the Research Activities so that better solutions can be developed to the problems in hand. Management students must have analytical and conceptual skills. These skills help in enhancing their decision making capabilities. Whenever a research problem is given to a student he starts analyzing the case and tries to devise a solution to the problem. This exercise of giving research problems helps in building a problem solving approach and a research aptitude amongst the students. We encourage our students to handle minor projects so that they can get a practical exposure to the research problems and can prepare them for the future challenges of life.

At HBS we are creating an intellectual platform in the form of the International Conference “IC-IGEDETMS 2019” where corporates can share their organizational challenges, students can explore their research potentials, academicians and Phd research scholars can generate new ideas to face the future corporate challenges. In order to change our Nation’s economy from developing to a developed one we need to encourage more and more research in all the areas of management and Information Technology.

By – Dr Rajni Singh (Dean MBA, Hierank Business School, Noida)

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