Life before & after MBA can be summed up into 2 categories – Automatic changes & Willful changes:

After MBA you get a badge, which symbolizes you are better than the average post-graduate, a credible pedigree.

Automatic Changes:

You become more confident – your smartness gets tested during MBA classes against the intelligent colleagues evaluating your every move.

Your interviewing & presentation skills get an unprecedented boost – thanks to the ongoing grills of assignments, case studies, group discussions, pitching ideas, placement interviews during MBA school.

Unparalleled Networking – During MBA school you are surrounded by one of the best business talents, who will be future successful business leaders and a vast database of alumni, who have already earned their respect & position in areas & disciplines you ever imagine.

Boost in earning potential – MBA will act as a precious commodity acquired whose value will constantly increase in the long run, moreover, in short term MBA will pay back your entire MBA school investment.

Willful Changes:

Acquire knowledge & hard skills – Understand the business environment as a whole & acquire knowledge applying this understanding along with learning new hard shills like Excel – IRR, WACC, etc.

Land a high paying job – MBA School facilitates placements and it’s a student’s responsibility to work hard, maintain the required grades and improve his overall profile by being pro-active in the college activities/clubs.

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