Top MBA Colleges in Delhi Building a Strong Business Foundation

The top MBA colleges in Delhi not only prepare the MBA students with the basic knowledge of the business core subject areas but also help them in enhancing their potential and capabilities to a great extent which makes them successful managers.

Hierank Campus Noida

The MBA colleges in Delhi have impressive infrastructure with large Wi-Fi campus with the state of the art equipment and facilities including library and completely equipped computer labs. The highly qualified and experienced faculty motivate the students to think out of the box in order to develop the critical thinking and holistic decision making. A business school teaches topics such as accounting, strategic management, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, marketing, organizational behavior, quantitative techniques and information systems etc.

Traditional lecture method is not sufficient for today’s MBA aspirants. The management colleges use various innovative techniques to prepare the students for business organizations. Use of case studies, simulation learning, business games, presentations and discussions etc. help students develop their managerial skills for analyzing and resolving complex business situations. The colleges also conduct certification programmes and guest lectures to make them learn from the Real gurus of management. The programmes develop multiple skills, communications, creativity and innovation.

The top MBA colleges in Delhi are involved in development of students as thinking professionals, who have the ability to meet the future challenges of tomorrow’s corporate leaders thus building strong business foundations.

Prof. Richa Saxena
Hierank Business School Noida

10 Tips to choose BCA Colleges in Delhi and NCR

There are hundreds of BCA institutions in Delhi/NCR, the task to pick one institute can be quite daunting. To narrow down the search consider the following points:

  • Faculty and teachers are the important factors to be considered. Visit the institute website and check for their educational qualifications, teaching and research experience and so on.
  • The institute must have well stocked library, well equipped, high configuration & well maintained computer laboratory.
  • Do consider the teaching pedagogy, online projects . Importance to be given to the latest technological teaching subjects such as java, .net, networking, web technology etc
  • The audio visual class room, size of the class rooms, proper canteen, recreational facilities are equally important to be considered, as it helps in the overall development of the student.
  • Give importance to the campus placement record.
  • The result of the institute is also one of the deciding factor.
  • Consider the institute ranking compared to other institutes.
  • Check the institute promoters profile, if they are from academic background, then it is like a feature on the cap.
  • The monetary factor is to be considered as well
  • Location of the institute plays a very important role.

Prof Manjula Shanbhog
Hierank Business School, NOIDA

Why BCA Colleges are in Demand in Teenagers?

The BCA is catering to the needs of the students aspiring to excel in the fields of computers. It is a Government Recognized Bachelor Degree under UGC run by University. It equips graduates with all of the skill, knowledge and attitudes necessary to work as effective and responsible Software Professionals in the fast changing modern organizational environment. The graduates of the program have a solid foundation in industrial computing or important aspects of computer science and analyze and optimize the use of latest technologies to work in fields of Computer Applications in various sectors together with internet technologies, E-business environment etc. They are well-equipped to work as professionals in the fields of software development, design and implementation.The BCA course is quite popular amongst youngsters who consider it one of the best courses for a bright future because

  • The duration of the course in institutions across the country is only three years
  • The syllabus is more or less the same as with B tech CS or IT course
  • Expense for studies is less compared to B.Tech.
  • The course provides a sound academic base from which an advanced career in Computer Application can be developed.
  • Bachelor in Computer Application Students have a bright future in the IT field as they can take up ample jobs as Programmers and grow to become project managers.
  • BCA. also paves way for a post graduation in the relevant field which is always preferred.

Prof Manjula Shanbhog
Hierank Business School, NOIDA

Advantages of doing BBA

BBA course is designed in such a manner that it leads to the foundation for doing MBA course. It is a bachelor’s graduate degree accepted globally i.e., acceptable by all Private industries and Government sector. The degree is popular across the world. It was introduced in U.S. in the year 1950. This course gives complete knowledge about the corporate world and also teaches all the fundamentals of management required to face the extensive competition in the market. It is a professional degree covering huge business related management subjects giving you a competitive edge. It can also help you to become a very good entrepreneur as it develops business and entrepreneurial skills as few subjects are included in the curriculum of BBA course like Entrepreneurship and business development, Marketing Management etc. This course also gives opportunity to the students to opt for a job in Government departments like Banks, Railways, defence services etc.

There are various colleges offering BBA course but I would suggest that promoters profile must also be checked. Promoter must have a sound academic background. Unless and until he is not from education background and has no knowledge of academics he cannot run the institution successfully. Hence I suggest ambitious students to opt for this course to develop competency in them in order to face the competitive world.

Dr. Rajni Singh (Asso. Professor),
Hierank Business School, Noida

Boost your Career with MBA in Retail

Retailing in India is gradually inching in its ways towards becoming the next boom Industry. The whole concept of shopping has altered in terms of consumer buying behavior. The organized retail sector is expected to grow stronger than GDP growth in next Five year. By 2020 the booming retail sector will grow more in India than USA. In U.S.A it is above 200 billion dollars. The share of modern retail is likely to grow form it current 5% to above 25% by 2020.

After metros and large cities, organized retail will penetrate to smaller cities & towns. By the end of 2015 there would be 800 malls coming up in India and out of this 40% would be in smaller cities.

All these are changing market dynamics because customer is more brand conscious, now in India. Right from a 5 year old child to a 60 year old man wants the best and the latest brand in the market and his preference is globally determined since the world has become a global village.

Due to above changing global business environment the challenge before all retailers today is getting quality & specialist manpower.

Now it is necessary that a student in addition to bookish knowledge in MBA should have authentic retail domain knowledge. We advice students to do MBA with retail specialization to boost their career in retail Industry. U.P. Technical University through it affiliated colleges in Uttar Pradesh is offering retail specialization in MBA , large number of students those who prefer MBA (Retail) are joining Hierank Business School , Noida Delhi NCR.

By Prof. Rajesh Sahay
Chairman, Hierank Business School, Noida

Abundant Placement Opportunity In Delhi NCR – for Fresh MBA

Delhi NCR – (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Maneshar, Ghaziabad, Sonipath & Ballabhgarh) is a well planned area and India’s most prominent Industrial Educational & Software hub. These towns are Located within 45 k.m. radius of Delhi and there are more than 3000 Corporates, MNC’s & Software Industries operating in these cities. Most of these companies are having either – their head quarter, corprate office or India office, based in national capital region (NCR).

The above geographical and locational advantage of Delhi NCR provides ample scope for industry academia partneship which ultimately leads to abundant placement opportunity for fresh MBA and B.Tech Graduate.

It offers students a very conducive environment to complete their MBA with internship and get a suitable job.

In terms of job opportunity Delhi NCR is equivalent to three times of Bangalore and two times of Mumbai, Delhi NCR accounts for 40% of total fresher placement.

By Prof. Rajesh Sahay
Chairman, Hierank Business School, Noida

Industry Relevant Workshop – A must with MBA Teaching

By Prof. Rajesh Sahay

A good MBA degree has long been recognized as the stepping stone to success for a corporate career worldwide. In today’s rapid changing business environment a management graduate requires the ability to adapt himself after carefully analyzing the economical, social and technological trends of the corporate world.

Besides learning traditional university syllabus in MBA, students should have deep conceptual understanding so that they can handle continuous changing winds across the globe.

Contemporary value addition workshops are considered as protein & vitamins to fresher’s curriculum vitae. Knowledge workshops such as Hospital Management, Supply Chain Management, Retail Management, Digital Marketing, Packaging, Six Sigma etc. are essential skills for future mangers.

Health & hospital management is one of the most expensive employments of health services and consumes more than 50% of national spending on health care sector. Advanced countries like USA, Japan, Germany & Canada are spending 10% to 15% of GDP on health whereas in India it is only 2.5%. The booming healthcare industry is suffering from lack of professionally qualified managers. A hospital today is just like a five star hotel. Their turnover, in fact is more than a five star hotel. A basic workshop of health & hospital management will help an MBA to get a job in this industry. Considering the existing hospitals and the future growth, by 2020 we need about 15000 hospital managers and the same number at a junior level.

Because of retailing & globalization a lot is happening in the field of supply chain & logistics management. There are many industries such as Automobile, Consumer electronics, FMCG, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Cargo etc. which cannot work without a supply chain department. It is supply chain which manages the storage of goods & services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet the customer timing and requirement. MBA students can grab a plethora of opportunities in this emerging field. Most of the companies are having a separate vertical of hierarchy from executive to vice president level in the department of supply chain & logistics management.

Another value addition, known as digital marketing and cover internet revolution has become indispensable to the current generation. For decision making, this generation is combining their activities through mobile, computers and internet. There are lots of job opportunities coming up in companies which are dealing with web reputation management, Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization. There are billions of internet users across the globe who are definitely surfing the net to get valuable information. To serve these people or influence these customers companies are going for digital marketing, online branding and advertisement, social media promotion, search engine marketing etc.

Same is the scenario in India. Retailing has become a booming industry. The whole concept of shopping has altered in terms of consumer buying behavior. The organized retail sector is expected to grow more than the average growth rate in the next five years. The share of modern retail is likely to grow approximately from current 10% to 20% by 2020. This industry is growing every year and will cross 200 billion dollars by 2020.

All leading industrialists of India are preparing themselves to take on the competition from the global players in the field of organized retail. They require huge number of qualified MBA’s to cater their different segments and different verticals.

Other upcoming areas, with reference to employment are Packaging and Six Sigma.

Whenever there is a requirement of an MBA with domain knowledge, students who have gone through job oriented certificate workshop will definitely get preference over others. Those selected can develop themselves as specialist in the same area with the hands on job experience.