Which course is better, MBA or PGDM?

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  Let’s settle down to witness the most talked about opponents PGDM vs MBA.
PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management (“it was tough to figure this out”) and
even tougher to guess was MBA - Master of Business Administration.
First of all : Do we need this PGDM vs MBA discussion (“we will decide this in our
1. PGDM is a business diploma provided by autonomous body (most notable example -
IIM’s) and MBA is a business degree provided by a college affiliated to a university
(most notable example - FMS).
2. PGDM is more flexible in its curriculum along with duration of the course which could
be 1 to 3 years owning to the lean structure of autonomous body whereas MBA has a
more constant syllabus (barring proactive affiliate colleges), along with a fixed duration
of 2 years.
3. PGDM is considered a diploma and MBA a degree in Overseas (outside India).
4. PGDM is considered a bit more practical in its approach and MBA a bit more theoretical
(Highly Debatable - since case studies approach has become a part of most of the
colleges, even the source of case studies is same nowadays like Harvard)
Conclusion: PGDM vs MBA ! who has the upper edge. It turns out to be a disappointing result
“ITS A TIE”. Since, the Business World considers both PGDM & MBA as one and is more
concerned towards the quality of end product (Future Leaders).


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